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7003 - Avaya Nortel CS 1000

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Course Content:

Implementation Preparation:

  • Describe the CS1000 software architecture with respect to applications, features, platform types, and components.
  • Describe the requirements to access and administer UC Manager.
  • Identify the steps required to properly plan and prepare for the installation or upgrades to Communication Server Rls. 7.x.
  • Determine the appropriate procedures to communicate with the system using the CLI or Element Manager/UCM.
  • Identify the requirements to install and connect the CS1000E system components.
  • Describe the implementation of UCM security services and deployment options that impact installation.
  • Identify the hardware considerations prior to installing a Co-resident Call Server and Signaling Server.
  • Identify the Subscriber Manager functions and operating parameters.


  • Distinguish between the software delivery methods with respect to hardware platform types.
  • Perform hardware and software installation for the CS1000 system components.
  • Describe Deployment Manager and the deployment options available.
  • Install and configure telephones to verify successful software installation.


  • Upgrade an Option 11C Rls. 5.x system to a CS1000E Rls. 7.x system with CPMG Co-Resident Call Server and Signaling Server.
  • Describe dialing plan fundamentals including types of numbers used and the process for updating a dialing plan.
  • Add telephones or consoles using the CLI and obtain the appropriate printouts to verify programming.
  • Program routes and trunks using Element Manager or CLI, and print the appropriate reports to verify the programming.
  • Perform the procedures required to configure the Linux Base operating system.
  • Describe UCM administration, access requirements, and administrative user management.
  • Configure the CS1000E Call Server and Media Gateway 1000E (including redundancy).
  • Configure the IP Telephony Node.

Implementation Testing and Validation:

  • Verify the software configuration settings for CS1000E hardware components.

Implementation Troubleshooting:

  • Given a troubleshooting scenario, choose the appropriate command to perform the required task.
  • Given a description of a fault, determine the course of action required to resolve a hardware implementation error.
  • Given a description of a fault, determine the course of action required to resolve a software configuration error.

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