Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration

3100 - Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration

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Course Content:


  • Define Communication Manager Components and capacity.
  • Administer Communication Manger basic features.
  • Distinguish between the Communication Manager interfaces: access interfaces, ASA, Dial Plan, and FAC.
  • Describe the role of Communication Manager in Avaya Aura Core.
  • Identify Communication Manager integration with Session Manager.
  • Verify basic Communication Manager system configuration.
  • Describe the basic features of Communication Manager.


  • Identify the information required to set up end-points, stations, and IP telephones.
  • Perform administrative functions to add/change user profiles, basic COS functionality, and permissions.
  • Given an administrative scenario, select the appropriate trunk type.
  • Define Communication Manager station and user administration.
  • Describe the function of various administrative features.
  • Define the role of Communication Manager user administration features: COR, COS, PSA, Terminal Translation, AAA, and FRL.
  • Identify the different types of Call Coverage features.
  • Describe the parameters needed to administer incoming call features.
  • Administer Communication Manager incoming calls parameters.
  • Describe Communication Manager trunk types.
  • Administer Communication Manager outgoing routing parameters.


  • Interpret report outputs in order to complete an administrative task.
  • Interpret reports to monitor and evaluate system performance.
  • Explain the procedures for saving translations and full backups.
  • Identify Communication Manager end points.
  • Describe Communication Manager troubleshooting techniques.

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