Best ACSS SESSION BORDER CONTROLLER Training Institute In Chennai

Best ACSS SESSION BORDER CONTROLLER Training Institute In Chennai

VOIP is offering Avaya Aura Session Border Controller SBC Training. We are providing hands-on practical training to both individuals as well as corporate professionals. We are Becoming One of The Best Avaya Aura Session Border Controller SBC Training Company in India. We also conduct Remote lab sessions and Skype video training sessions for Avaya Aura Session Border Controller SBC. We have the team of Certified Professional trainers, with Live instructor led hands-on Networking Courses, onsite training, Remote lab sessions and Skype video training sessions as well as Networking certification boot camps.

Course Content:


  • Describe the role(s) and placement of the SBC within Avaya configurations.
  • Describe the security solutions that the SBC provides.
  • Describe the deployment strategies available for the SBC.
  • Describe the purpose and basic functions of the STIM scripting.


  • Describe the pre-installation activities and network requirements for an SBC deployment.
  • Describe the required information, tools, equipment necessary for a SBC installation.
  • Describe the physical connections and software installation for an SBC deployment.
  • Install and configure a standalone SBC with and without embedded EMS.
  • nstall and configure a UC-Sec HA system.
  • Validate an SBC software installation.


  • Configure the SBC for remote access and remote alarming.
  • Add, modify, and delete administrative accounts.
  • Create routing profiles for internal and external SIP Trunks.
  • Configure Topology Hiding Profiles for both trunk and line servers.
  • Create line and trunk server profiles.
  • Create line and trunk Signaling Interfaces.
  • Create line and trunk Media Interfaces.
  • Configure line and trunk Server Flows.
  • Administer an Avaya-specific SIP trunk.
  • Describe the procedures to create an Avaya Cluster in Non-Learning.
  • Describe how domain policies maintain control over call flows.
  • Given a policy scenario, apply Domain Policies to the enterprise call flows.
  • Describe the requirements necessary to implement a secure remote worker environment.


  • Explain how the SBC is monitored using visual indicators, alarms, and reports.
  • Explain the process for system backup and restore.
  • Describe the upgrade procedures to upgrade the SBC software to the current release.


  • Explain and interpret Packet and Call Trace data.
  • Describe the troubleshooting capabilities in the SBC GUI..

1. 24 x 7 lab facilities
2. Remote Trainings Available on skype/ WebEx worldwide.
3. We are Not a Partner of Avaya.
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