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Avaya Aura


VOIP is offering 6002 - Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging Training. We are providing hands-on practical training to both individuals as well as corporate professionals. We are Becoming One of The Best 6002 - Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging Training Company in India. We also conduct Remote lab sessions and Skype video training sessions for 6002 - Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging. We have the team of Certified Professional trainers, with Live instructor led hands-on Networking Courses, onsite training, Remote lab sessions and Skype video training sessions as well as Networking certification boot camps.


Implementation Preparation :

  • Identify the proper physical layer installation and configuration.
  • Identify the information pertaining to PLDS license files.
  • Determine environmental requirements (HVAC, grounding, power, etc.).
  • Identify the components (media modules, circuit packs, etc.).
  • Identify the RAID configuration requirement.
  • Identify the prerequisite conditions for upgrades or migrations to CM 6.0.
  • Identify the integration type with CMM (SIP or QSIG).

Implementation Preparation :

  • Describe how to install system platform on the hardware platform (e.g., S8800 / S8300D S8510).
  • Describe how to select and install the template (Simplex, Duplex, Embedded, etc.) per the customer requirements.
  • Describe how to perform data and WAN-related tasks to set up Media Servers and Gateways.
  • Identify the correct network Speed/Duplex setting for Med Pro, CLAN, telephones, or an Ethernet switch.
  • Describe how to install and cable Media Gateways and Servers (Ethernet ports and bus terminators and connectors).
  • Describe how to set up Duplex Servers for software duplication.
  • Deploy the license file(s) and authentication file(s) for CM and CMM.

Configuration :

  • Describe how to configure Media Gateways and Servers.
  • Describe how to set up the survivable configuration.
  • Describe how to configure TDM, IP telephones, and their supporting servers.
  • Describe how to perform system platform/CM/CMM updates (software patches) and upgrades.
  • Describe how to perform backup and recovery procedures on servers.
  • Describe how to set up redundancy (IPSI, control network, servers, etc.).
  • Describe how to configure IP interfaces (CLANs, MEDPRO, IPSIs, etc.).
  • Describe how to modify the license features via the CM web interface.
  • Perform initial configuration of CMM (Switch link administration, machine configuration, and test mailboxes).

Implementation Testing and Validation :

  • Describe how to check the status of virtual machines.
  • Describe how to test survivable remote failover and recovery.
  • Describe how to test redundancy of servers / control network / IPSI.
  • Describe how to test calls to the voice mail (e.g. message coverage, message waiting indication test).
  • Implementation Troubleshooting
  • Describe how to verify system platform and template installation.
  • Describe how to interpret and perform various maintenance functions using the CM maintenance commands (e.g., list command, status commands, display commands, list trace, etc.).
  • Interpret and perform various maintenance functions using the web interface for CMM (e.g. ports status, Hunt group status).
  • Given an IP connectivity problem, describe how to detect the problem using Trace Route, Ping, and/or Media Gateway / Media Server error reports.
  • Given an IP and/or Media Gateway busy-tone troubleshooting scenario, identify the most probable cause of failure and solve the problem.
  • Given a TDM/IP telephone troubleshooting scenario

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